Tuesday, May 25, 2004


The CBC had better get their heads out of their asses--

-or else I am going to start getting right pissed. The way they were talking on The National tonight you would think the Conservatives had already won Ontario, the West and most of rural British Columbia! Not to mention a handful of East Coast ridings!
If things keep going like this the NDP had better buy some pretty serious attack ads against the conservatives.

Or a small television network--- what are the Aspers up to these days?

Jack Layton, New Democrat leader- should shave off that moustache and be seen actually sleeping with his hot and real-politik Asian wife so voters will think he has some sort of life outside of screaming in scrums in the halls of Parliament. If he can't pull this one together we're in for a long 5 years of bland Liberal majority government or an even worse 5 years of Stephen Harper trying to keep his MP's out of their pages pants and/ or jail.

Not saying Layton would win the election- but the NDP would make a great partner in a minority government.

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