Saturday, May 08, 2004


"Feel the Beat"

There's nothing better than watching beautiful people dancing except dancing with the beautiful people. Tammy, Stephan and I had a wicked night at Circus with DJ Nivoc, except I smoked too much -got tired around 8 AM and lost the beat.
Too many single guys at Circus- had way more fun at Stereo last week.
I also end up not talking to anyone new when I'm there--is it my lack of French? What's wrong with me- still feel out of place in that scene?

Saw the most beautiful woman- she looked like Alanis Morissette except more glamorous... she was with a Latin guy who had hair just like mine, before I got it caught. She danced with me for an hour- and I didn't even ask her name. What is the correct social convention for that?? I don't know... dancing is on ehting and flirting is another.

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