Thursday, May 13, 2004


Problem solved

For some reason J seems to think blog posts shouldn't contain too many full sentences. So, for the ADD generation he seems to want to attract, just skip to the next post. You're part of the problem.

Now that I'm talking to myself again, counting down to my 30th year, I can't help but reevaluate some of the things I always took for granted as a "young" man.

Take war... always unpopular with the college crowd, but at least its helping the overpopulation problem, right? So all we have to do is find something the West wants badly enough in the really ridiculously overpopulated areas, and let history take it's course. Let's see... oil (cheap energy) fucked up the Middle East... Maybe cheap labour can attract the ever-benevolent Capitalists to India. But then again, how would you convince Westerners to buy cheaper foreign products and services?

Even if we could overcome that, would that do it? Since we're already in the neighbourhood, we'd better "save" the Tibetans from the nasty communists. Hey! Let's relocate them to Kashmir, that should keep our newest nuclear family members from killing us all, while providing plenty of reasons for everyone in the region to start solving that overpopulation problem.


My proposal is as follows:

Create genetically enhanced super "mutant bugs" (like the ones in "Startroopers") and unleash them in the world's "hot zones". Problem solved. ;-)

-Nuclear or Chemical catalysist

Mix both and voila!

Ok, thx, bai.
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