Monday, May 10, 2004


Remember Afghanistan?

Skipping back in time a minute- I think it was early March, 2001, when the Taliban regime in Afghanistan were prepping to blow up two giant sized statues of Buddha in order to "stop the worshipping of false idols". At the time I couldn't think of a worse crime against humanity than the destruction of something so timeless- it was a crime against all of human history and our collective heritage. How unfortunate that this monument to one of the most beatific religions/philosophies in the world happened to be in an area of the world ruled by xenophobic, intolerant fundamentalists...
Too bad the world didn't value this monument and seek some way to dethrone these monsters well ahead of 9/11. A little carpet bombing can go a long way to telling these vermin to back off- we can deal with your shit now or we can deal with your shit later- but your shit will be dealt with.

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